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Your Video tapes & cine films are easily damaged and the tape or film is not only in danger of snapping as it ages, but is actually deteriorating as time passes. Have you noticed that the quality of those treasured memories is not as good as it was?


Why not let us transfer them onto a DVD disk. You can then easily copy the disk and share it with family and friends.


All you have to do is send us your video tapes & films along with full payment as below and we will return them along with  copies transferred onto DVD.


However please be aware that we cannot improve the existing quality or repair damaged tapes. Although sometimes we can cut and splice tapes to salvage undamaged footage - please contact us first to discuss the if the quality is already poor.




                                                  First tape/film                      Second and subsequent tape/film


VHS                                           £5.00                                      £4.50



Betamax                                   £7.00                                      £6.00



8mm Camcorder                      £5.00                                      £4.50



50 ft 3/4 minutes 3inch dia.    £8.00                                      £8.00


200 ft 12 minutes 51/4 dia      £8.00                                       £8.00


300 ft 20 nmins 6 inch dia    £12.00                                     £12.00


400 ft 28 minutes 71/4 dia    £12.00                                     £12.00


You can send a cheque with your order or telephone 0800 804 6664 for more information or to pay by credit card.



PLEASE ADD £4.50 Post & Packing for orders up to FIVE Tapes or Films and allow up to 10 days for return of your Tapes or Films and DVD's. For each extra Tape or Film please add 50 pence post and packing



Send to:



9-13 Hart Lane


TS26 8RJ

Transferring Your Treasured Memories  from Video Tape & Cine Film  to DVD

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